Avalonminer A9 – 4K Mining TV – First Pictures !

The mining machine manufacturer Canaan introduced our new mining machines at the conference. The AvalonMiner A9 is a bitcoin mining machine equipped with 7-nanometer chips. The total computing power is 26.5T to 30T, and the power consumption is 1720watt.

The 7-nanometer chip is an important step for TSMC to surpass Samsung, as the old chips from canaan were manufactured by samsung. The 7-nanometer chip can meet a wide range of applications from high performance to low power consumption, ensuring a 60% reduction in power consumption and a 70% reduction in core area.

Avalonminer A9 - Hashboard
Avalonminer A9 – Hashboard

Many people think that computing chips fall into three categories: CPU, GPU and ASIC, but in fact there is only one type of chip in the chip field – ASIC. Inside Nvidia, Intel and other companies, they all refer to their products as ASICs. The so-called other types of chips are actually just another ASIC. From the outside they also look different to the old 16nm chips, in fact they look like small CPU’s, with heat dissipation areas on top.

The Avalonminer A9 will follow Canaan’s usual design and have a single fan, airforming cooling technology and also use the AUC3 ports for establishing a connection to a controller. That makes it easy for farms to deploy a large number of miners.

It’s power ports will increase from 8 to 10 connectors. Also it will require a new powersupply (2000W+) to be operated due to the higher power consumption. We don’t know yet if its possible to undervolt it, and run it with the common 1600-1650W power supplies.

A9 – Prototype
A9 - Prototype
A9 – Prototype
A9 - Prototype
A9 – Prototype


Another interesting information coming from the company is their upcoming line of TV sets – LB4318 with built-in ASIC mining chips. The TV set is with a 43-inch 4K panel and features 26x A3210 16nm mining chips providing 2.8 THS hashrate with 100 Watts per THS power usage. It is definitely an interesting product with different purpose that comes with built-in mining capabilities and will show if there is going to be interest in such a range of devices in general. There has been talk about connected consumer-oriented devices with built-in crypto mining capabilities for quite some time, but we are yet to see them on the market.


Mining TV - Pic by Eastshore
Mining TV – Pic by Eastshore


Mining with idle electrical appliances has always been the focus of attention in the field of mining, which can effectively prevent energy waste and promote the development of the mining industry. Canaan has taken the lead in achieving a breakthrough in this way, which is indeed very meaningful.

(Source: https://www.eastshore.xyz/from-mass-production-of-7nm-to-mining-tv-new-generation-bitcoin-mining-machine-market/)



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