Custom Case Design for Bitfury SHASH Miners and Burnin FURY Miners

Custom Case Design for Bitfury SHASH Miners and Burnin FURY Miners

After the successful launch of the Bitfury Hboard/Mboard Miner housings there was demand for more. So a new housing design for the Bitfury SHASH and Burnin Fury miners was created in September 2013.

Bitcointalk project description:

Hey guys, this case design was made in close contact with intron and cscape the devs of most of the Bitfury based boards.
The basic idea is to house 1-2 hash cards and cool them accordingly. We are not yet sure if the cooling is perfect but we will test this soon when the case prototypes arrive.
As the Shash cards can be OCed a lot and the purpose of the Shash cards was primarily to provide some standalone miners we decided it doesn’t make sense in the first place to make a bigger case for more cards. However this could still be a possibility.

Please note: I’am not sure if that many fans are needed. This is just for OC testing, maybe just a front fan and bigger heatsinks are sufficient. If its ok to use a smaler heatsink the case could also be smaller.

Shash Solo/duo Case

  • space for up to 3 – 92mm Fans
  • one addtional 60mm Fan can be mounted when using only 1 SHash board
  • safely transportable
  • stackable
  • Basic dimensions bxhxt =124 x 114 x 202mm

Bitcointalk Link:

Bitcointalk Project Custom Case Design

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