Best Cloud mining service providers in 2019

Best Cloud mining service providers in 2019

Cloud mining is an alternate mining option for people who cannot afford to invest a large amount or are not able to spare time for looking into hardware and other expensive devices. It is the process of purchasing CPU power from the specific data cores for excavation of different cryptocurrencies. These mining companies have their centers in countries where the electricity cost is minimum therefore provides the cheapest maintenance fee to its clients. You can start mining with nothing but just internet access and wallet. Just visit the website, register yourself, choose the best suitable package for you and start earning. You are allowed to purchase any stake of equipment for any expanse.

There are two types of cloud mining you can choose based on your need:

  • Hosted mining: In this type of cloud mining, the client has to either lease a mining machine or own it. The machine has to be sent to the data center for providing electricity and cooling etc. In hosted mining, you have to buy the machine and also pay for the maintenance cost. It also requires the owner to be available physically to monitor the process.
  • Investing in Hash Power: This method includes purchasing the hash rate for a cheap price and without paying for the electricity bills. This does not demand any physical presence of the owner providing higher profits and lesser investments.

If you find the idea of cloud mining fascinating but hesitate to choose the best company to invest, then you are in the right place. We have researched and gathered the ten best and reliable cloud mining service providers of 2019 for your mining experience to be easy and authentic.

  1. Eobot

Eobot is the most profitable cloud mining provider that has been around since 2013. The provider is recorded in The United States of America, California. The best mining solution is extremely cautious about the protection and security of one’s information and savings. Upon completion of the registration process, Eobot alerts the account handlers and keep sending regular notifications about the login details and sources through their default enabled two-factor authentication process.

Eobot is very deliberate about its contracts between the company and the user. The contracts vary from 1 day or 10 years. If you are someone putting your hands in cloud mining for the first time, Eobot is the best provider to choose because of its easy interface and explanatory guide for the clients. The fact that one can invest as less as 10$ in mining is amazing for any newbie.  The website has a calculator for every user to calculate their earnings routinely.

The possessors of Eobot have not disclosed their self and prefer to remain unidentified for security purposes which is why many of us cannot find any source of images or addresses to the leading company. Due to the anonymous policy of the company, a direct bank transfer isn’t offered. However, that is not a problem in the current days where we have PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Hashflare

 Another legit cloud mining platform that is also a subordinate of Hashcoin is Hashflare. Hashflare, registered in the United Kingdom around 2015, deals with offering cloud mining services for contemporary apparatuses. It allows the user to connect in just 0.001 seconds. Unlike Eobot, the company is not anonymous and identifies its employees on their websites providing more trust to its new clients. Since the start of Hashflare, it has been the top most visited website with increased traffic on it every month. With Hashflare users are able to purchase Sha25, Scrypt and ETHASH coins which also includes bitcoin. It gives flexibility to the clients by allowing them to have their own customized pool mining solution and among various pools choose the one they think is the best for investment. As Hashflare is reviewed to be the most transparent cloud mining solution provider, it maintains the reputation by providing payouts without any secreted fees. The user are able to check their first total profit with the fee included within 24 hours. However, currently, Hashflare has discontinued the extraction of bitcoin and few other contracts because of unverified transactions. Though this problem is being sorted out by the team on an urgent notification.

  1. Genesis mining

The oldest and most reliable cloud mining provider, Genesis mining exists since 2013.Genesis mining openly presents its mining farms registered in Iceland for their hardware storage and has all the information regarding mining visible to its users.

Its user-friendly interface allows new miners to get an understanding of the whole process and make the experience easier than any other mining provider. One does not have to go through the whole process of installing the hardware when it comes to investing in genesis mining. Instead, you can choose and mine any cryptocurrencies accessible. Though it does not provide users with crucial information such as mining calculators for users to keep track of their investment and profits. for some users, this might be a shady thing to experience, but you can always contact customer support for any sort of query. Out of all six cryptocurrencies it supports, only Bitcoin has a maintenance fee.

The users are given their first payout in just 48 hours in cryptocurrencies through bank transfer or bitcoin etc. as it does not deal with PayPal.  This cloud mining provider might on the pricier side but the reliability and transparency make it worth the investment. For someone scared to invest in cloud mining, Genesis mining in the most authentic source to trust.

  1. Minergate

Minergate was found in 2014 with the idea of public mining pools for the users for the first time. It allows the users to download the software that can run on almost any computer and start mining in a few minutes. Minergate has an extremely easy interface for users which allows even the beginners to have a great understanding of mining through their PC. Apart from that, they also have a mobile application for its users to make things even simpler and accessible by notifying every move.

Various cryptocurrencies can be mined through Minergate including Bitcoin, Zcash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bytecoin, and many more. The part where they make sure the user has access to all the information such as profit and costs is just amazing. Minergate can not be considered as an expensive option to invest since its maintenance fee ranges from 1% to 1.5% only.It is misunderstood to be related to changelly by some miners, but the representatives have denied being associated with it.

Minergate provides and promises users security by having a two-factor authorization, where the user has to enter a specific code sent to their email accounts every time they log in. This reduces any risk of hacking or fraud.

  1. Nuvoo Mining

Canadian based mining provider Nuvoo Mining was registered in 2016 as the mining solution providing maximum profit and minimum aggravation. It offers English and French on its website and also provides customer support through email. The interface of the website is quite easy to understand and handle since most of the information is available on the home page of the website. Just like any other mining website it requires contact information and user name for registration. The clients can also easily register through their Social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.

The company offers four packages with different mining contract pricing and power. Nuvoo mining includes all the charges in the packages without surprising its user with additional or hidden charges at the end.

The mining provider makes it very easy for the investors to choose it by being transparent about its working and allowing users to monitor all the processes through webcams. Nuvoo provided mine in two mining coins; bitcoin and ZCash. Since the data centers are located in Quebec, Canada where electricity is generated through eco-friendly power stations, Nuvoo does not let its clients pay anything for the electricity. Therefore the charges and fee are less as compared to other providers.

  1. Hashnest

Hashnest was founded by Bitmain Technology, a renowned Chinese IC design company in 2014. The mining services providing company has its headquarters in various cities around the world including Beijing, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong Qingdao, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. Upon visiting the online platforms of Hashnest, one can see many photos of the data centers that result in a build-up trust among the clients and first-time investors. It provides easy mining services at a low rate without any worry of buying hardware and mining equipment. The website has an interactive style with active customer support services.

The clients can get access to their profits and accounts through the BitMain wallet. The BitMain wallet is easily available on a specific mobile application supported by any smartphone. The investors aren’t bound to pay any fee for electricity or other services since BitMain pays that for Hashnest based on PACMiC (A contract between Hashnest and BitMain) However, it is not for the new investors or beginners who are exploring the field of mining because of its intricated contract features. However, if you are aware of the terms and conditions provides then Hashnest can be a good mining provider to start mining and generating a good profit.

  1. IQ Mining


According to resources, IQ Mining started providing cloud mining services in 2016. Though there are more experienced mining providers that IQ Mining still it has managed to gain the trust of 50,000 users. The website of the company is easy to work on and very user-friendly. For registration, there are minimum complications. One just has to enter contact details and set a password for their accounts. The clients can mine in profitable coins such as Litcoin, Ethereum, Scrypt, Zcash and many more.

It offers three packages to its user which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold promising the return of investment at the rate of 50% profit according to the investment. Because of these nifty contracts, one can get profits on fee as less as $0.003 each day. The users can keep a look at their profits through the revenue calculator available on the website for all the clients.

According to the reviews, IQ Mining can be relied upon for your investments. The easy to use interface makes the withdrawal process less hassling for the new beginners. The company also is an SSL certificate holder which means it provides encoded browser connection making it a trusted choice in the cryptographic industry.

  1. Hashing24


Hashing24 created by David Martin has multiple offices in various cities of the world making it a safer investment option. Even if the law for mining changes or becomes unfavorable to investors in one city, they can always have their money in other cities. The company provides all the contact details on their website including phone number and address to contact their customer service in case of any inconvenience.

Just like its interface, the registration process is also very easy and convenient. Linking Facebook and Google account is also allowed but because hashing24 makes security a paramount, therefore the user is asked for creating a PIN-code for a safe and secure experience.

The users are currently only allowed to mine in bitcoin and the amount can be withdrawn in as less as one day. The clients can mine by making customized plans and packages and invest in only the amount they choose to in hash power. Since the clients pay a comparatively little amount of electricity bill and other facilities, they can be a great option for beginners or fewer experiences miners. Though the contract price ranges till 18$ and might seem expensive to newbies but hashing24 services weigh up to the amount.

  1. Cryptouniverse

Cryptouniverse came to its functioning in the mid of 2017 and comprises of a team of expert IT specialists and engineers to provide authentic mining services. The company has its data centers being built in Siberia where the electricity costs as less as $0.054 per kW/h. The low rate will make the fee even cheaper for its clients.

The registration process is simple consisting of contact information entering and further sign up steps. Thanks to the two-step authentication method, users do not have to worry about their security. To make the experience more trustful, clients are offered to track the process of monitoring the data centers through online broadcasting systems.

The company allows you to choose between its six packages consisting of different rates and hash rate amount. The packages are for all types of clients from beginners to professional miners. Which is why it is considered to be a mining provider for miners at every stage.

Cryptouniverse claims to provide a profit of 5% or according to the referral investments which can be withdrawn anytime through Bank transfer. The website allows you to track all the statistics and balance once you are logged in to your account.

  1. CCG Mining

Last but not the least Cryptocurrency provider in the list of Best Cloud mining service providers in 2019 is CCG mining. The company was found in 2016 with its offices in six different countries. The company claims to provide the experience of cloud mining easier for you by adapting changing industry trends. The interface might not be considered as easy for some users but there are multiple guides and video tutorials available for clients. The website has all the contact details of the company from its social media handles to its address making it less shady in the industry where scams are quite normal to face. There is also a revenue calculator available on the site along with different packages for investment which can be chosen according to individual needs. The currencies available to mine in are bitcoin, LBRY, Monero and many more. Through CCG Mining, you can withdraw your profit through Payeer or Bitcoin on the 15th of every month. The 24/7 technical support makes it easier for every user to get their queries asked and their problems solved.




Cloud mining can be captivating and also seem charming to many of us, but before investing your money into any cloud mining provider, one must look for the two most important things about it.

  • Claims: We all know how incredible it feels to hear that mining will be providing a 50% profit on investment in one or two days, but always remember that if the claims are too good t be true you must opt for another choice.
  • Reviews: Reviews from actual buyers and investors say a lot about a company that you will never see on its official pages. Therefore, do keep a check on what the current user has to say about a mining provider.
  • Price: There are different prices available for various mining companies with customized packages as well. It is advisable to compare your budget and the price before investing.
  • Online presence of owners: Many mining providers choose to stay anonymous but aren’t that a little shady? Just to be on the safe side, it is better to devote to something more reliable and minimize the risks of scams.


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